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Cellular Authentication Token
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Identity Protection


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Read more in the CAT OTP Token User Guide.


  CAT OTP Windows Token

CAT PocketPC Security Token



  • No OTP Token Hardware cost
  • No Hardware maintenance
  • The Token is always with you - it is your cellular
  • Secured by password
  • Easy to deploy
  • Affordable no matter what your organization size is




The CAT Windows Security Token is TFA (Two Factors Authentication) OTP (One Time Password) software token that runs on MS Windows Mobiles OS supporting PDAs, Pocket PCs and cellulars.


The CAT Windows Mobile Token is part of the CAT Identity Management / Access Control comprehensive security solution.

The CAT is a replacement of the old proprietary hardware tokens. No more Hardware costs. No more Hardware deployment costs and Hardware management costs.


The CAT Windows Mobile Token is opened like any other Windows Mobile application. The OTP (One Time Password) for the selected account or web site is presented to the user on the screen. The OTP changes every 60 seconds. For security reasons the CAT Windows Token is protected by password, and it is not used for more then 3 minutes it shuts down automatically.


Download the CAT for Windows Mobile 6.X Professional from:


CAT Protected Site

Direct   Security - It's simple and now !


  • See the CAT OTP Token in action NOW - Install the CAT on your Cellular

  • Try the CAT at your organization today - Pilot the CAT

  • For a CAT implementation at a Web Site check our Bank Demo

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