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Cellular Authentication Token
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Identity Protection




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   DOWNLOADS - CAT Software



Download the latest CAT Authentication Server system from here. The system requires a License Key and acceptance of the License Agreement. Mega AS provides temporary license key to organizations wanting to pilot the CAT.

To request a temporary License Key Email the Sales team.



The CAT Cellular Token can be downloaded and installed on Java (MIDP CLDC) enables cellulars. To check if your Cellular is enabled just Google for your Cellular model and MIDP. The CAT is installed like a Cellular game.


To install the CAT manually, you have to open (go to) the following URL with your Cellular browser: (if your Cellular is symbian or you get an error downloading, try the following url: )


The installation URL can be sent to your Cellular by SMS. To receive the CAT url by SMS to your Cellular click here.



Different Cellular manufacturers and models may have slightly different ways to download and install the CAT. Read this list for examples of how to manually install the CAT on different Cellular models.


The list is constantly updated. If you installed a CAT on a Cellular that is not in the list we would appreciate your input. Email us a description of the installation steps and we will add them to the document. Thanks.



Download the CAT for Windows Mobile 6.X Professional from:



Download the CAT for Windows from:



Download the CAT for Android from Google Play:



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