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Cellular Authentication Token
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Identity Protection


Basic Menu Items


Read more in the CAT OTP Token User Guide.


  CAT OTP Token




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  • No OTP Token Hardware cost
  • No Hardware maintenance
  • The Token is always with you - it is your cellular
  • Secured by password
  • Easy to deploy
  • Affordable no matter what your organization size is



OTP TOKEN Instructions


It is recommended that you secure your CAT with a Password and Verification Text.


The Site details you enter are kept in a local data store. Most of the data is not important. Only the Secret Data text of the Site is important. The Site name and User ID are not used by the CAT and can be any text that will remind you the actual Site name and User ID.


When you set a Password, the Secret Data is encrypted. For your protection, the Password itself is not kept on the Cellular. So how does the CAT know that you entered the correct Password ? It DOES NOT KNOW !!! Only you know.


To help you check that the entered Password is correct, you are required to enter a Verification text. The Verification text is encrypted with your Password. The next time you enter the CAT, you are asked to enter your Password. The CAT decrypts the Verification text with the entered Password and presents the result (decrypted) Verification text.


If the Verification text you see is the one you entered, then the Password was correct. Only YOU can now the original Verification text.


If the Password entered is correct, the OTPs you see will be correct.



Set Password

a b  
>> Menu >> Set Password
enter Password >> OK


a a  
retype Password >> OK
>> Back


CAT Protected Site

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