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Cellular Authentication Token
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Identity Protection





CAT cellular authentication token - TFA OTP security token

Best alternative to hardware tokens. Soft Java OTP Token. Secured by password. The ultimate solution for Web sites.


CAT SMS OTP - SMS One Time Password second factor

SMS OTP generated at the CAT Authentication Server is sent on request to the user for a second authentication factor.


CAT Windows soft token - TFA OTP security token


Windows software token to manage all your CAT OTPs and passwords on your PC and/or Notebook.



A CAT Security Token for PDAs , Pocket PCs and Cellular running Windows Mobile operating system.


eAuthentication service for web sites


An alternative to purchasing an OTP server. Use the eAuthentication API for Strong Authentication at your web site.



Who ever you are - CEO, CTO, Security Manager, Web site owner, Administrator, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, End user


What ever you do - Internet Banking, Internet Services, Government, Health, Hospitals, Universities, Law firms, Hi Tech, Telcom


What ever you use - Internet , LAN, VPN, MS OWA, MS ISA, MS IAS, Remote Access, Citrix, CheckPoint, Cisco, Radius enabled Software or devices, Cyber-Ark, Disk Encryption and so on


You deserve the Best Security Solution


Start using our FREE eAuthentication Service (SaaS) for your web site. No limit to number of managed identities. Strong Authentication for all.


That is why we developed a comprehensive security product line.


The CAT Identity Management and Access Control system is a comprehensive solution that offers a range of CAT authentication tools for the different types of users and environments that connect with the CAT Protected server.


The same enterprise can use a mix of the provided CAT Security tokens and tools.

The enterprise can manage any number of web sites and Networks.


Use the CAT to prevent Identity Theft, Phishing, Password Stealing, replace old tokens


The CAT is consistent with the reference architecture set forth by Open Authentication (OATH) organization and compliant with the OATH TOTP algorithm proposed as a standard within the IETF.



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Install the CAT for free Now !!!




New CAT AS Version is now available for downloading.


Get the new iCAT for your iPhone.


Mega AS Ltd and Tivre Business Mobility are happy to announce a new collaboration to provide affordable and secured SMS OTP based TFA strong authentication services and applications .... for more information caheck the News page


Mega AS at the RSA 2009 Conference, San Francisco, under the OATH Pavilion. Visitors to our booth will be able to win a free CAT Authentication Server for their organization - WHAT EVER the organization size is.


Large Telecom operators bought hundreds of CAT licenses. Vipnet has 2,2 million customers and a quality of service ranking it among the best operators worldwide and it is a partner of world’s leading mobile operator Vodafone.


Large Investment House bought CAT licenses for intranet security. Excellence Nessuah are a full service financial investment house, providing the full range of investment services to institutional and corporate clients, and high net-worth individuals.


Swiss Hospital bought CAT Licenses for remote VPN access for doctors accessing online information.

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